Graphic Designer
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Graphic Designer
Belo Horizonte, Brazil ︎︎︎

December 2020

Vão is João Tonucci’s first book of poems. It comprises forty-one poems written over two years of production. The editorial project gives life to the poetic narrative, transposing the various meanings of the vão (“gap” in Portuguese) into a contemporary language. The minimalist layout has typography as a protagonist, and it is materialized through artisanal processes, such as screen printing. The usual image of the gap as a hollow and free structure is here filled by the sense of emptiness and banality also evoked by the book’s title, outlining the geography of a disastrous every day, sometimes useless, but still half-open.

13 × 20 cm
80 pages

Print Production: Impressões de Minas
Photos: Mateus Lustosa

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