Graphic Designer
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Graphic Designer
Belo Horizonte, Brazil ︎︎︎

Brand and visual identity redesign for Capim Santo, an eco-friendly pousada and restaurant situated in the charming historical center of Trancoso, a former fishing village in Brazil's coastal state of Bahia. Opened as a macrobiotic cafe in 1981, it became renowned for revisiting traditional Bahian seafood dishes. Over the years, Capim Santo has expanded, with restaurant units in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, a Social Institute, and a Gastronomy School. The new visual system brings a cohesive language throughout all business fronts reinforcing fundamental themes to the brand's universe, such as hospitality, sustainability, tradition, and respect for the local culture.

Hardy Design
Creative direction: Mariana Hardy
Executive direction: Cynthia Massote
Design Lead: Pedro de Albergaria and Fernando Dias
Design: Hermano Lamas
Project Management: Joana Rocha
Print Production: Daniele Pires

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